What kind of reader are you?

What kind of reader are you?

Here is the point, I’ve never read this much before and I never stopped to think what I learned or what I discovered. As you may know, or maybe not, I achieved the goal to read at least twenty-four books this year and just the other day I was asked what genre I enjoy better.

Then looking at my book list I noticed that I am a seasonal reader: during summer I like fast-paced books like young adults and fiction; autumn is usually for thriller and mystery; winter I’m more focused on self-help books or non-fiction and on spring time I love romance.

I like to switch genre, especially after finishing a whole series or after two books of the same genre. ( It is more a need as if I don’t do it I’m stuck in a reading slump!)

I don’t like to read a book if I heard too much about it, but I am sure everyone agrees! Especially, when some people suggest the book and they spoil it in the same exact moment.

Even though I don’t like the book or the series, I need to finish it! An example which everyone will for sure relate? The selection by Keira Cass.

I am a faster reader on my Kindle than on physical books because I usually fall asleep reading and lose the page and most of all, the books are really heavy and I am lazy! Anyone who can’t find the right position to read while in bed??

I’m a proud cheap reader. I mostly read books that are on sale in the monthly deal section on Amazon or I buy used books.

When I read, I just read, I can’t walk, eat or drink! Last time I tried to drink water while reading and I end up looking like I just had a shower.

And you? What kind of reader are you? Let me know in comment section below!





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