Weekend routine

Weekend routine

Good morning everyone! Hope you are all having a good week, because today I want to prepare you for an amazing weekend!

Everyone loves weekends, some people not really, but I do love them. You get two days to have more time for yourself and get ready for another week! I am not the kind of person that doesn’t get to see the friends during the week or that always waits for the weekend to do something fun! I always think, everyday is a good day to have fun! So maybe you are wondering what I do in the weekends. Here it is for you!

  • Wake up at 8 o clockΒ orΒ earlier

This is important to me. During the weekend I still want to wake up enough early, but not as early as during the week this is because I want to get a lot of things done. I mean, if you can wake up early during the week, why not waking up early on your days off to get more of the things you love done?!

  • Create week menu

We usually sit down, write down who is cooking on certain days of the week and what we are going to cook, so making a grocery list it’s easier and cheaper!

  • Grocery

We love doing this! Sometimes, this is an excuse for the family to have lunch outside and spend a bit of time together. We don’t just go to buy the stuff and go back home. We walk all around, sometimes chase each other and it’s so much fun! Maybe it’s just me πŸ™‚

  • Clean up

Oh yes! This is another one that it’s in my to do list every weekend! Clean up! We fortunately are not that messy but during the weekend it’s the day we get to do a bit more of cleaning. Something we like to do before the grocery, is to clean up the fridge, to see what we have, what’s going to expire and like this there much less wastage at home.

  • Chill

This is a must! We usually sit on the couch watch a show, play Monopoly or read or sometimes do some stretching all together! The weekend is made for us to recharge πŸ™‚

  • Face & hair mask

I love doing some beauty routine in the weekend. I love putting on some oil on the tip of my hair and leaving it the whole day or have a moisturizing face mask and just relax.

  • Socializing

This means, if I didn’t find time during the week to go out with a friend or a member of the family, well I am going during the weekend. If I have nothing planned well, I am going out alone. Usually in a museum or somewhere around. There are so many places to go here in London that I always get excited!

What is your weekend routine? Hope you are ready for the one coming up!

That’s all for now! Hope you are having fun and keep remembering to do all the things you love!

See you soon!



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