Visualising your dream life

Visualising your dream life

Happy Monday everyone!

Hope you had a really good weekend and you feel fully charged to start a brand new week.

Today, to inspire you, we will talk about the importance of Visualising your dream life!

I know, I know you saw all of the videos about creating your Vision board, but this is more than that trust me!

We are not talking about the instastory you see everyday or the perfect “a day with me” video on Youtube. We are talking about you!

I knew what I didn’t like, but I didn’t know what exactly I wanted. So, for few days I was silent, trying to come up with an idea, it was so hard! I wanted to absolutely know what I wanted to find out what I needed to achieve my dream life.

Then one night, I went to sleep and the next morning I knew!

I was so confused because I never thought of it, but I knew that was the answer because I felt so inspired and so in peace with myself that I just knew!

I remember every little detail and I made sure I wrote down everything to never forget.

Now, I have my vision boards everywhere and I made sure I can see it every day. Especially in difficult days, so when I see it I can feel the inspiration coming back.

Every time I feel far away from my dream life, I start writing down every single detail of it. If it doesn’t work, then I start checking the prices of what I would love to have in my future house and then I know that to be able to pay that I need to work really hard. Obviously, I don’t buy them, but it encourages me to go back to work.

I wanted to write about it, because I know the feeling of living without really knowing what you want. That’s not a big problem! You will find out and you will feel it.

What is really important is, to make sure that once you know what you want, you will work hard, sweat and you will fight for it!

Have an amazing week and always remember to do all the things you love!

See you soon!



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