London: Waterstones in Gower St.

London: Waterstones in Gower St.

Another month, another Bookshop tour! and this month in London again!

This month I went to visit Waterstone’s, but not a normal one! The one in Gower Street!


Let the pictures explain everything to you.


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First of all, how beautiful is this building?! It’s giving me Hogwart’s vibes. And even if the building is 5 minutes walk from Tottenham Court Road, the surrounding is really calm. Not like every single corner of London.

As you go inside the bookshop you can smell coffee, the best way to welcome everyone! Because there is a cafeteria, Dillons, that I, unfortunately, didn’t visit because it was more than full as it was lunchtime.

On the ground floor, you need to visit the beautiful Penguin corner and it’s all color coded!


Penguin Orange books: Vintage

Penguin Green Books: Classic Crime

Penguin Pink Books: Travel and adventure

Penguin Blue books:  for Pelican books that are non- fiction

Penguin Dark Blue: biographies

Penguin Red: Drama

Penguin Purple: Essays

But the seating areas are my favorite!


Here are also other pictures that can show you how beautiful and unique is this Waterstones!


The shop doesn’t have just a cafeteria, but also a Rayman stationery shop and an art gallery!

Why I can’t live there?????

oh well! Hope you enjoyed this little tour! And I hope you will go and check the place out!

IF you have any suggestions on particular bookshops to visit, please let us know!!




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