The Bookshop tour London edition: London Review Bookshop

The Bookshop tour London edition: London Review Bookshop


Are you ready for this????

Because I wasn’t!

Today for the Bookshop Tour in London, I think we found my favourite one, the London Review Bookshop!

Ok ok so back to business!

We found this bookshop just randomly, I was looking for a Bookshop near my new workplace and…

Free tickets for The LondonΒ Review Bookshop Late night shopping!

Yes! I know “free” and “shopping” are the best combination of words someone can ever use! And it’s not just that, but just for the Late night shopping, you have 10% discount on your purchase, wine and nibbles while you choose your next read!

And this is happening at the start of every month from 6pm til 8pm.

Another highlight of this bookshop is just behind this door…


Yes!!!! A cake shop! I mean, who doesn’t want to enjoy the new book and seat in a really cute Cakeshop enjoying a slice of a delicious cake and a cup of coffee or tea? Unfortunately, when we arrive for the event the cakeshop was already closed, but this wasn’t a problem…

Maybe the next time I will be seating in their outside seatings and enjoy my slice of cake, a cup of tea and my discounted book.

oh yes… I will dream until the next time I will visit!















What do you think about this bookshop? And which one is, for now, your favourite bookshop we went to visit?

We would like to say thank you to all of you, who are taking time to read and have look on our blog!

See you all soooooooonnn!!!!

S & J



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