The 30 days challenge

The 30 days challenge

I experienced one of the darkest moments of life, you know you reach that moment when you don’t have a place to call home, a family to call and a single friend that will really show up and help. These are moments that you need to believe in yourself, that there’s no one else in the world to help but you.

Then I met him ( I promise it is not a love story!) and he explained to me that there are just two types of people in the world. The first ones are the one that is contented (or maybe not) about life, they just sit back and let their lives pass by, waiting for a miracle to show up and give them the successful lives they “deserve”. The others, which are really rare and my favorite ones, are the one that understood that success is something you need to work for, fight for and completely give yourself to it.

Sometimes life can be hard and it looks easier to just give up. In these moments it is so easy to just to blame everyone else or even everything else but you. You could spend hours and days crying and moaning about things that you deserve but you didn’t receive. You will say you are here because you didn’t have any other choice, or maybe your boss didn’t give you a chance, or maybe everyone is against you.

Well, here is what I learned observing my best friend.

If you are where you are right now, it’s because you wanted it or because you just spent your time without caring about anything. Please answer these questions: Did you really give your 150%? Did you really really do everything you could do? I am sure you didn’t.

He is the type of person that never gives up. I think “to give up” doesn’t really exist in his vocabulary.

When he sees there is an obstacle in front of him, he is not stepping back. Instead, he just stays and starts his researches on it and most of all he asks everyone around about their experience on this.

The next morning, he will call you and show you his plan to go through it and in less than a second he is already in action.

One morning he woke up and told me he was feeling really weak and ten minutes later I found him on the floor doing some push ups. When I asked him why he simply answered me “ I am feeling weak so I challenged myself to do some push ups every day for at least 30 days”. And he does it and it almost looks like that every 30 days he challenges himself with something new.

What really impressed me, was when I asked him to challenge me to do a 30 days challenge, his answer was a straight “NO” and he explained to me that it is really important that you choose your challenge and that you need to understand you are doing it for yourself and no one else. After the 30 days, you will feel proud, stronger and happier.

I am inviting all of you to do your own 30 days challenge of any type and I’m sure next year you will be a better version of yourself. 



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