Plan with us: May

Plan with us: May

Hi there!

Since the beginning of the new year, we started a new series of ours where every month we show how we decorate our bullet journal with monthly and weekly planners and other layouts. This month is no exception!

It’s full spring now and you can really feel it in the air, especially people like us that are allergic during this season. Anyone else with runny eyes and nose?

On a positive note, it is so hot now that it feels almost like summer!

Sooooooo, now to the bullet journals!!!


For the monthly planner, we chose a really simple layout that it took us only 10 minutes. We opted for spring colors, in this case, pink and light blue but you can also use different colors like lilac, yellow or turquoise.

The calendar, next page, is also really simple. There is enough space to write events and appointments of the month or you can leave it like we did for a minimal look.


Also, the weekly spread is minimal. All you really need are colorful pens and a ruler. To add something to the layout, we added a quote that, in this case, is “Don’t stop until you are proud”. A little quote to make you through the week doesn’t kill anybody!

What do you think of our monthly and weekly spread? Do you like them?

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