Plan with us: July

Plan with us: July

Hi everyone! Welcome on our “Plan with us” series, where we like to play with our bullet journals!

We are hoping your Summer is full of sun and you are having great times!

Back to business, this time to plan this amazing month, we tried something really new to us. Technology!!!!

Yes yes yes!

We discovered technology finally!

We knew the existence of Google Docs, but we never got to use Google sheets and Google Drawing. They are amazing and easy to use, also for people like us!

What we did with these two Apps didn’t take so much time and it was nice to explore new ways to be creative!

Let’s take a look at our journals:

As you may notice, our first page for July is drawn by J and she made these beautiful and easy to draw flowers all around the page. ( Please do not laugh about her broken pencils! hahah! all beaten up to colour the journal!)


And right after that, we decided to show our Tech skills creating the monthly spread with Google sheets and adding up a picture with Google Drawing on the background. I decided to leave the image in the background black and white, so I could colour it with pencils.

For the title, I decided to write it first with a pencil and then I tried my best to follow the lines, but even if it didn’t really work as I wanted I am still happy with the result!


Here is our weekly spread!

As July will be super hot, we know we just want to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather outside with the people we love, so we took less space for each day.

A new addition to our Journal, is the blog checklist! As you may know, we are planning to grow and take the blog more seriously than before!


In case you were interested in the blog checklist, we made a close up picture to show the Masterplan! And please if you have more suggestions on this, let us know!



And that’s all we created for this month.

So far, this is our favourite creation in our journals as it shows my favourite flower and some orange which is lately J’s colour.

What is the theme of your bullet journal this month? Please share it with us and do not forget to check our Plan with us: June!

As per usual, Please leave a comment below with suggestions and like this post in case you liked it.

Have an amazing month of July!





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