Plan with us: January 2018

Plan with us: January 2018

Good morning! Good afternoon! or Good evening guys!

Here we are again!

It’s January, so it’s a fresh start!

As everyone is saying ” new year, new me!”, well, I say “new year, new me, new haircut, new bag, new clothes, new shoes, new coat, new… EVERYTHING!”

So well, yes, I ended up with a new notebook for 2018 without finishing the previous one, without feeling guilty at all!


We have some new pages in our journals because we are really focused on our goals and also we don’t want to forget our new year’s resolutions. This is our year!

In the pictures, you can see how different we are in our styles and type of organization, but this is what is really beautiful in the bullet journal system.

Let’start with the month spread.

We decided that we are going to list at least three goals to reach during that month and on what we are going to focus on.


Then there is the fun part. The bullet journal is your own and you can decorate it in many different ways. I added my favorite quote of the moment from a song by Sam Smith and write on the next page “January” and decorate it with some snowflakes.


Of course, now it’s time for the calendar itself. It is very important to have one to plan and schedule everything, an example for us are the blog posts that we will post during the whole month.


Next is the weekly spread!

As we explained in this post (if you haven’t seen that yet, what are you waiting for?), we do monthly and weekly spread so we do not overload the monthly spread.

We put everything in the weekly spread from the meal plan to the views we receive that specific week, from the exercise log to to do list and so on…


And because we want to be EXTRA, at the beginning of the year we did the ‘Year in pixel’. Basically, every day at the end of the day we fill up the box with a colour and every one of them has a meaning:

  • Red: If that day you feel angry, frustrated, annoyed, anxious or grumpy;
  • Orange: If that day is an average, normal or uneventful day;
  • Yellow: If that day you feel sick, tired, lazy, unmotivated or exhausted;
  • Green: If that day you feel productive, alive, active, energetic, motivated or focused;
  • Light blue: If that day you feel sad, lonely, depressed, insecure, down or numb;
  • Violet: If that day you feel unsure or disassociated;
  • Pink: If that day you feel joyful, happy, fulfilled, content, satisfied or good.


And that’s it! And how about you? Are you going to start a bullet journal this year?

Hope we inspired you with our ones!! And please share your bullet journals too for more inspiration!




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