Plan with us: February!

Plan with us: February!

Aloha everyone!

I am in a really Hawaiian mood late, which is weird because I am feeling like I am laying on a cold bed and with a blanket made of ice!

Ok, let’s stop talking about random things and let’s plan the month of February!

Can’t believe we are already in the second month of the year! Time is passing so fast

Before planning February I actually wanted to review January and create a page where I can write things that I accomplished and also a complete view of what I achieved on my blog. Obviously this year I want to be focused on my goals and finish the month on a really positive note!

And as you can see on the other page there is my overall plan of February, with all of my goals and the main focus of the month, which is cooking more. (Very simple and easy because I don’t know how to cook, so even if I cook once during the whole month of February without making feel sick anyone, it is a great achievement! HAHAHA!)


Then after this, we are going to finally see the monthly spread and this beautiful origami bird!

As you can see, this month I opted, instead of a classic timetable, for a list. At the bottom of the list of dates, there is a legend where I chose cheerful colors. So turquoise for the birthdays and festivities, burgundy for the errands and violet for the blog posts of the month.



Last month I realized, my weekly spreads where too small and I couldn’t fit in all of my errands and to do list, so this month I decided to have a whole page with the seven days of the week and divide them into two columns, “Work” and “personal”. The page after is an overview of everything that regards the blog.


Plus this month we decided to add two more collections on our Bullet journals!

The budget and savings page, really simple and hopefully effective! ( and I hope one page will be enough! S don’t spend too much!!! finger crossed!)


And lastly, but not least, our #26readingchallenge2018 shelf, where we will color the books we read for the challenge! Obviously, we don’t have beautiful bookshelves at home, but well.. like this, I can even decorate it without spending too much! (being thrifty in here!)

Sooooooooo, that’s it! Obviously, next month we will let you know how did it go with our new pages in our bullet journals.

What do you think of the new collections? And how about the monthly planner and the weekly planner?

Bye, my friends! See you in the next blog post ♥







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