Plan with me: February 2019

Plan with me: February 2019

Here we are! Almost at the end of the first month of 2019!

It was a great start for my blog and I am really hoping it is also for you! But now we need to get ready for the next month!

  • Month in a glance

This is usually what I do first, I like seeing the whole month right in front of me. I always write birthdays, appointments and deadlines and make sure I re-write them on the daily pages.

  • Blog calendar

This one takes a bit more time and research. I usually set a theme for the whole month and try to schedule all the calendar for the blog, so I don’t have to think about it anymore and I can focus on creating content.

  • Grow your mindset

This is a printable I saw on The Happiness Planner and it is helping me to get closer to reach my goals. It asks you to write your goals every week, the steps to get to reach the goals and what you learned from it. It makes me feel organised and ready to achieve all of my dreams

Hoping you all like this one! And that you keep working on for your goals! Remember, you always have to do the things you love to do! Have a nice weekend!



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