Organization essentials

Organization essentials

Good morning everyone!

I just love planners, notebooks, bullet journals, calendars and all these kinds of stuff. I tried them all, but nothing works more than having a planner for me.

This is just because I need to be ready for everything! My phone you ask? It’s a big no for me! When I am busy I need to focus and stay away from distractions.

So today, I want to share with you my basic organizational tools for my every day planning.

  • Notebook

The small notebook I usually have, it’s just for the sudden ideas I have or for my to-do lists and for every type of lists.

  • The peony Happiness planner

Oh! This is a special gift that I asked for Christmas. I love it and can’t imagine how I lived without it. It motivates me every day with a quote, makes me excited about the day and reminds me to be grateful about everything I have.

  • Vision board

This is to get me motivated, to get a clear view of all I want and make sure that every day I do something to get closer to my goals

  • … and a pen! Well this is self-explanatory.

This is all I need! Obviously, I am one of these people who buys an endless amount of stationeries, but I never take more than that out of home.

I am trying to be as minimalistic as possible, but I think I will give up soon and just buy 20 notebooks, 3 different planners and millions of pens and pencils.



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