Netherlands: H. De Vrien Boeken in Haarlem

Netherlands: H. De Vrien Boeken in Haarlem

Hello everyone!

My visit to the small city of Haarlem was brief but left me breathless! If you are going to visit Amsterdam and after few days you want a break from the crowded city, Haarlem is just the perfect destination!

As I was saying to J, Haarlem is a small city and it gives you Gilmore’s girls” vibes, maybe because everyone knew everyone.

Anyway, back to business!

Welcome to H. De Vrien Boeken!


The bookshop is right in the historical center and still showing proudly pieces of history inside. As we understood the bookshop is at least 100 years old! One of the oldest and the largest independent bookshop in the Netherlands. Mindblowing, I know!


Here is a beautiful picture of the kid’s section, which originally was the horse stable of the old building and kept the same walls. The teddy bears on the couch and these small chairs are just all sooooooo cute!!! And also, in this beautiful corner, you can also find a small collection of English books for kids.

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As I said, the bookshop still has a lot of the original items of furniture around, as the pendulum clock, the fireplace, and the chair. Everything made you feel warm and welcome.

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The travel, psychology and novel sections are really large, not just because the selection of books is enormous, but it’s because next to the Dutch version you could find next to it the English one.


And when you already finished your book shopping, why not sit down and enjoy straight away the books with a cup of coffee on this beautiful table?

And that’s it for now on the bookshop tour!

It was a beautiful trip to Amsterdam where I discovered a lot of things such as this bookshop, but also, I tried a lot of new things to eat.

How about you? Did you visit Amsterdam? How did you find it? Let us know in the comment section down below and don’t forget to follow our blog! You won’t regret it!








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