My travel essentials

My travel essentials

Good Thursday everyone! Hope you are all having an amazing week! Today we will talk about the extra travel essentials because I will have my first holiday of the year in a few days! When I say “extra” I mean something more than Toiletries and clothes. So here we are:

  • Book

A nice book is a must for me (and also my book light). I know that a lot of people usually buy it at the airport, but most of the times they don’t have a big selection of books! So I prefer going to the bookshop before the holidays or just take it from my pile of books at home, but if there’s a good offer and a good title in the airport.. oh well, we know how it will go!

  • Planner and pen

Oh I need my planner everywhere! I usually don’t organise a lot of things during the holidays, but I know I have so much time in the airport that I can just organise the whole next month. And on the way back home I always check and get ready for the madness.

  • Vitamins

This is something new for me. I always, ALWAYS, ALWAYS forget them!

What are your travel essentials? and where are you next holidays? I am so excited to go somewhere different from my every day life and just enjoy the time with my family! Have an amazing weekend and, of course, always try to find time to do all the things you love!

See you soon!



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