Moving to another country

Moving to another country

Moving out was something you will find really easily in most of the movies and TV programs, and when I was a kid I was always dreaming about it. I knew every step of the moving out process.


  1. Choose the destination really carefully: you need to make sure that you would move in a place you know you can do what you love.
  2. Go and visit your destination and the neighborhood: you need to check how really is to live in that place and also take the chance to see the specific area where you would like to stay, see the prices of the rent and the life style
  3. Save as much as you can before leaving your hometown, in the case of unexpected expenses.
  4. Move where you already know someone: so you can have a support system, in case you feel alone.
  5. Find a job

When I took the decision to move out, was quite difficult to follow all these steps, especially because it wasn’t planned.

I was studying in University and it was always one of my life goals to finish my studies.

As the end of the last year was coming to an end, the main topics were our preparations to the last exams and planning our lives after University.

During the last months, I was too busy preparing myself for job interviews, that I forgot about my exams. I had at least one interview a day, but because I didn’t have any experience it was impossible to find a job. Of course, the experience was more important than knowledge.

The only possibility I had at that time, was to work as an apprentice and being paid nuts or nothing. I actually didn’t mind, I needed to start somewhere, but my parents were expecting more from me. 

It was a really hard period and it was almost impossible to find me in a good mood. My routine was always the same, my weekends were always with the same people, doing always the same thing. I couldn’t even take my own decisions without shocking the people around me because they also had the same routines everyday and small changes were too scary. All of these made me feel even worse.

One day, I woke up and I was thinking how my life would be if I moved somewhere far away. I suddenly felt the excitement, something I didn’t fell for so long.

That same day, I applied for any type of job and anywhere.

The very next day, I had an interview and in the evening I had the contract to sign. I signed it, without even consulting my parents or thinking too much about it.

They didn’t see it coming and as every parent, they tried to convince me to stay and wondered if they did something wrong. Obviously, it wasn’t easy to explain my feelings to them in that moment, and it was difficult for them to understand what I was looking for, but also, as every parent they let me go because they saw the desire I had.

I was really lucky, because the hotel I was going to work for, was offering accommodation and food. So one week was enough for all the preparations. I started to feel the weight of new responsibilities and the excitement of being independent. I had an incredibly long to do list before leaving, that included: open my bank account, check my itinerary, buy my ticket and pack.

The days before the flight, I found myself daydreaming about all the possibilities of a completely new life and the nights were sleepless, spent trying to find a million excuses to stay.

Fortunately, the excitement won against the fear.

A fresh start in a completely new place will force you to become self-reliant, you will meet new people with different lifestyles and different attitudes and living with them will make you become more open-minded to learn new things. Most of the times, also your goals will change.

Overall, the experience will make you fearless and you will discover that the only limits in life, are just your fears. So clear your mind, dream and make it real.



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