Morning routine: back to reality!

Morning routine: back to reality!

Good morning everyone!

Here we go again talking about another exciting topic that everyone is talking about: Morning Routine!

I love watching morning routines on Youtube and most of all, I always loved mornings!

And for me, having a good morning means, have prepared most of the things the night before and of course enough sleep.

Here is how I start every morning:

  • Wake up at 5 o’clock

This is a lifelong habit of mine. My parents always woke me up at 5 am, it didn’t matter if I was in first grade or in University! I remembered everyone questioned me about this “weird” habit, but I love waking up when everyone else is asleep.

After waking up in the morning, I usually start my day with a glass of water and some cardio in front of the window and the lights down. If my body doesn’t feel great then I just do some stretches.

  • Getting ready

At 6 o’clock I usually finish my exercises and jump in the shower and I start to get ready for work. This means: makeup and breakfast.

  • Plan

After breakfast, I start writing down what I need to do the whole day. I usually don’t do it the night before, because I try to plan my days based on my mood. This obviously doesn’t apply for important appointments and meetings.

  • Travel

After that, I need to travel to work and while i am on the train i am usually reading. My travel is around 20 minutes and usually the people next to me needs to bring me back to reality and tell me that we arrived to our destination! Fortunately, mine is the last stop!

Hope you enjoyed this post and remember to always do whatever you love! See you soon!



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