May Readathon

Happy Wednesday everybody!

How’s your week going by far? It’s a mix of okaaaay and great!

As every month, we try to do a readathon. A readathon is basically an event, usually with a time limit, where you set a certain goal you would like to read. The goal of doing a readathon is to help you read more during that period of time than you would any other time. We usually do a readathon for two or three days and one time we did it for a whole week.

This time we did it for two days and we did not reach the time limit that we set. We told you that our mood was *meh*.

But it happens and we are still proud of what we read!

— J —

My goal was to finish reading “Born a Crime” by Trevor Noah and continue “Pillars of the Earth” by Ken Follett, which by the way it is not the lightest book that is in the market. But I love a challenge and I really wanted to accomplish this one.

Let’s start by saying that the challenge began Sunday morning at midnight and okay, it was fine. I read like 30 pages and then I went to bed because the next morning I had to go to church and wake up early. Next morning, I went to church and then I had the idea of doing some window shopping and I didn’t notice the time so when I got home it was 8 pm. Then I had a major headache and didn’t read a thing the whole day.

Then, Monday come and I had to do some grocery shopping and the whole day I spent reading “Born a Crime” and sadly didn’t finish it.

I still read a lot but I was sad because I didn’t reach the goal I set.

— S —

Soooooo…  I would like to start saying that I had a great weekend!

The best so far in the UK, so I am not feeling guilty about failing also this Readathon, I actually feel happy about the books I am reading.

The first “book” is from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, We should all be feminists, which I gave 5 Stars!

I say “books” because it is actually an essay. It’s a MUST to read this book!

And during my “sunbathing” time on the beautiful White cliff of Dover,  I started reading “Born a crime” written by Trevor Noah.

Also an amazing and interesting book! I can already say it, even if I didn’t reach half of the book! 24% exactly!

Oooooohhh weeell!

To make you all happy, I can just promise you that there will be a post about Dover!

 What about you? Have you ever done a readathon? If yes, how do you plan to do it? Do you focus more on how many pages you read or how many books you are planning to read?

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