Lumiere London Festival

Lumiere London Festival

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all well and enjoyed your week.

Last weekend was really amazing as London was hosting the Lumiere Festival.

In case you don’t know what the Lumiere Festival is, it’s a free light Festival that is taking place from the north to the south of the river Thames to reimagine the architecture and the streets of the city.

Unfortunately, as I am working every weekend and mostly in the evenings, I visited just a few of the beautiful attractions and just the ones that were close to where I work.

It was so unique and fun as I didn’t know where the artworks where and it felt like a treasure hunt.

The first one I saw was the HARMONIC PORTAL by CHRIS PLANT and it was situated just in Jermyn Street. It was so relaxing and magical and my favorite among all the ones I found (which are not a lot). There was a really relaxing music while the portal was changing color (the rain made it even better!).


The second one was MY LIGHT IS YOURS by Alaa Minawy and it was really close to the Harmonic Portal (in Church Place). This is a really emotional artwork, and it is a tribute to the Syrian refugees.

These stories are now embodied in art, the fragile outlines of a family glowing in the darkness.


Right after that, I didn’t know where to go so I just followed the crowd!

And I was surprised by the VOYAGE by Camille Gross and Leslie Epsztein. The lights were projected on the Hotel Cafe Royal building and made me feel like I was time traveling in Europe and the show was just so amazing that I really didn’t care much about the rain.

The last, but not the least, was LOVE MOTION by Rhys Coren, at the Royal Academy of Arts.


Did you also visit the Lumiere Festival? Which one was your favorite artwork?

Let us know by leaving a comment and let us know which Festival is your favorite!




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