Looking back at my 2018 goals

Looking back at my 2018 goals

Here we are celebrating the last day of 2018!

This year it was life changing and the most wonderful one, but let’s review if we reach the goals we set up at the start of the year (where you can find them here) :

  • Have at least 100 views every month on our blog!


We didn’t reach it, but I am not sorry at all 😊

As I said this year was amazing and I have learned so many things that can help me to manage the blog much better than I did this year!

  • Read a lot of books, at least 26 (reading challenge) 

I probably read 26 books, but not from the reading challenge, so I count it as ACHIEVED!

  • Go on a holiday together


It was so amazing! It wasn’t just me and my sister, but all the family and we went to visit my boyfriend’s family in the Czech Republic where he proposed 😊

  • Exercise all year

MEH! It’s not a fail but it’s not totally achieved! I am getting the habit of working out.

Even if I didn’t reach all of my goals, I had a great time with all of our road trips and all the new friends we met.

Hope you all had a fantastic year and that you are ready to continue enjoying life and exploring the world during 2019!

See you next year!!



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