Looking back in January 2019

Looking back in January 2019

Can you all believe it is already February?! This month was so quick and full of events that I didn’t even realise the changes I made in my life!

I feel like January was a really good start as everyone else’s

  • Focused on Blogging

My blog was always something I never kept doing. It is almost like exercising. Something happens or I am stressed and I forget about blogging! But now, I am so proud of myself I never forgot to blog this month! sometimes, there were some delays but nothing stopped me on posting!

  • Quality research

This was a really long process! I started checking all the products that I am using on my skin, hair and also the quality of the food I am eating. I am not vegan or vegetarian, but I think that for healthy hair and skin we don’t need so many useless chemicals. In the beginning, it was really weird, the shampoo didn’t make foam in my hair, my moisturiser didn’t have a nice strong perfume, but all of this made a visible change. About the food, I talked to a specialist and as a lot of people I had a misconception of what a diet is, so we spoke about everything and she told me the basics of it.

  • Amazing books

Books are my life, but I started this year with 5 amazing books. Books that expanded my knowledge and gave so much inspirations.

  • Defined my goals

My goals were always dreams, really vague and without a deadline. In January, I decided to create my first vision board, to write my goals, write the steps to achieve it and a deadline for each step. I talked to people about them and asked help whenever I needed it.

How was your January? Hope it was amazing and life changing also for you! Please share with us all your achievements and don’t be afraid to ask for help! Have an amazing weekend!!!

See you soon!



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