How much time do you spend reading in a week?

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Did you ever ask yourself this question? How much time do you spend reading in a week? Do you feel like you read a lot but then look at the clock and realize it has passed only 1 hour? Or do you feel so engrossed in the book that you don’t realize that it’s already the morning after? Questions, questions, questions…

Of course, when you do a readathon the first thing you think is time and, then, what book you are going to read. There are 3 phases that we experienced during this readathon:

  1. On the phase number one, you are so confident on actually being successful on reading 24 hours in 48hours (so two days). And our faces were pretty much like this
  2. Then, the second phase it’s all about checking always the stopwatch and hoping to be, magically, reading for 24 hours. Also, this is also the phase where you start to tear your hair out and cry.
  3. Third and final phase is when you realize that it is just one challenge and you can make it up the next time because life it’s not about how many times you fail, but it is about how many times you get up.

So, instead of writing of another failed readathon, we decided to see how much time we do really spend on reading in a week.

— J —

Let’s start with what I read this week and let’s start by saying that this is the first time in my life that I have read soooooooo much! So, I finished ‘Big little lies’ (the review is coming next week!) and also ‘Red Queen’. After finishing these two, I got back to ‘Dark Matter’ that I started a few days before the challenge.

I read for 24 hours and 28 minutes. It’s really funny because I thought that I have the certainty to read for 24 hours in just two days but, instead, it took me a week to read that long. On a positive note though, I really enjoyed reading this much so I will try from now on to read at least two books a week.

— S —

13 hours and 24 minutes! Even if the last time in the lapse of time of just two days I read 12 hours and 20 minutes, I am still proud of myself because I did find the time despite having to work most hours and also having to take care of the house.

My wrap up! I started the challenge ‘Memoirs of a Geisha’, book that I started days before (click here for the full review of the book). Then I started both ‘Love, hate & other filters’ and ‘Big little lies’ but I didn’t have the chance to finish them. And that’s pretty much it!

If you haven’t read the post of our first readathon, click here. Check that out and the rest of our blog posts! Why not procrastinate more? Okay, we are done.




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