Get back on track with me!

Get back on track with me!

Hello, internet!

You thought I was gone for good yeah? But I am not!

I am back and maybe it’s October that makes me feel happy and full of energy! Or maybe it’s because of all of my favorite YouTubers that are posting more often and getting me even more excited about everything!

But here is my goal for October: it’s to go back on track!

It’s hard, but we can do it!

If you ever wondered what happened during summer, well a loooooot happened!

But I mainly unplugged! I needed to spend time with my family and friends, I needed to just relax and enjoy the sun!

This year, unfortunately, we didn’t go for a beach holiday, but we went to explore a little bit of the beautiful countrysides of UK. Beautiful, beautiful and beautiful!

We also had a really exciting family reunion in the Czech Republic!

But, let’s go back to what we were talking about!

Going back on track for me means:

  • Reading

This is maybe the easiest one. Imagine, a book, a cozy blanket, a warm coffee or tea, and a candle!

I always start the day reading a book
  • Exercise

Unfortunately, this summer I went through a big surgery so I had to stop and wait until everything was healed, so I gained weight. Sincerely talking, I am not too worried about that! This year I want to exercise a little bit more outdoors!

this is me trying to look cool like my dad, but clearly failed!
  • Blogging

This is is one of the most exciting things! I thought a lot about my blog and I want to go back on one post a week ( Saturday morning). I learned that two posts a week meant to always be in a hurry and sometimes the quality of the content wasn’t even too good. So now, I can keep my focus and enjoy it even more!

My essentials for blogging.

And lastly, but not least, MORE ME TIME! Which actually, is never enough!

When there’s no space on your makeup desk and you are condemned to get ready on the floor.

What about you? What did you do this summer? And what are you more excited about this autumn?

Hope you enjoyed it and I am hoping to see you soon!

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