Exploring the beautiful town of Dover

Exploring the beautiful town of Dover

Hi everyoooooone!!!

How is everyone doing now with a better weather and the fresh spring breeze?

Hope you are all enjoying it and starting to work on your tan!

For our first beautiful sunny weekend, we decided to visit Dover. In case you don’t know where Dover is… Well…

This amazing town is mainly famous for the beautiful Castle and the breath-taking white cliffs.

Our first stop in Dover was this The Hythe Bay Restaurant, which to my surprise was the only restaurant that gave us the option to eat fresh seafood. The location of the restaurant is just perfect! If you have the chance, definitely seat outside you have a complete view of the Castle, the sea, and the cliffs!



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After lunch, we stayed at the beach listening to the relaxing sound of the waves.



In the afternoon, we decided to drive to St. Margaret’s at Cliffe (just because it looked so green on Google Maps) and from there we started our long walk/hike. We just went around nature and hoped that we would find our way back to the parking! Because this is what we are really good at when we travel, trying to get lost! To our surprise, we never get lost and we always find the best views ever! ( Still afraid that one day we will actually get seriously lost!)

We walk to see the Cliffs and the weather was so good that you could see France from there! I have to say, the day after, I didn’t believe we saw something so beautiful as Dover that I needed to check if I really had the pictures!

Unfortunately, I am not really good with the words so I will let the pictures to speak for themselves!



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I know beautiful, isn’t it? Certainly a must if you ever visit the UK!

Which other UK destination should I go to visit next? Let us know in the comment section down below and feel free to like our page!




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