Evening routine: back to reality!

Evening routine: back to reality!

Good morning everyone!

I know people might say I am late, but during the holidays there wasn’t a proper evening routine. Now that we came back to normality, I am here looking at my evening routine and I wanted to share it because I love listening to what people are incorporating in their own routines.

So here it is for you:

  • Travel

I usually finish to work at 6pm and be home just before 7pm. While I am on the train, I like reading or if I am really tired I close my eyes and relax. I just find the movement of the train to be so relaxing and usually the trains are quieter than the tubes, which makes it easier to relax.

  • Cook while watching YouTube/listening to a Podcast or watch YouTube

I personally don’t like cooking, but we all need to do it. Fortunately, I live with my other half and my adorable sister so I don’t need to do it every day. When I cook I love listening to someone, especially when they have so much to share. Usually, I listen productivity or business related podcasts and videos, which are really helping me to get an inspiration to what to write on my blog.

  • Eat all together

This is all I wait for during the day. We love eating all together! Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen often. Sometimes, my boyfriend would be coming really late at night, or my sister, so we don’t wait for each other. But we always make sure that before going to bed we are going to talk about our day.

  • Take off my makeup

Well, this is something that I can’t skip. I need to do it or I can’t sleep and it is really important you do it every night, but I am sure you heard it so many times.

  • Read or blog

This is the last step. Lately, I promised myself not to have a screen before going to bed, but sometimes I have to prepare a blog or I just had a great idea and I need to write it down. Most of the time I read and if you ask, yes I read just one book at a time.

How is are your evening going? Hope you enjoyed this post and took some inspirations. I am hoping to get some more inspirations from you too 🙂

Have an amazing day and always remember to do all the things you love!



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