Eating sushi in Milan

Eating sushi in Milan

A cheaper must activity to do in Milan besides the usual sightseeing? The answer is SUSHI!

In Milan, nowadays there are more than 400 sushi restaurants offering the ‘all you can eat’ menu and thanks to these incredible offers eating sushi every weekend it’s easy as eating pizza and pasta. In short words, WE ARE OBSESSED WITH IT!

Last Saturday, in occasion of my friend’s birthday, we went to a sushi restaurant, situated near the center of Milan, called Misaki. As many of others sushi restaurants, Misaki offers an ‘all you can eat’ menu where you can order anything for the price of 11,80€ per person which is really affordable. We went there for lunch, but if you want to go for dinner it will probably gonna cost you 20€. So the price range goes to a minimum of 12€ to a maximum of 25€.


It was our first time at Misaki but we did see a lot of positive reviews about it. And let me tell you that it is definitely one of the most affordable sushi restaurant in Milan and one of the best I have ever tried. Plus the restaurant it’s very cute!


Before we went there we skipped breakfast altogether, so that when we got there we were really hungry. Obviously, we ordered everything or tried ordering almost everything that was on the menu.

We started with my favorite appetizer which is the salmon tartare and a salmon chirashi which is basically a rice bowl with raw salmon.

And then we ordered a different bunch of sushi, tempura and rice dishes (sorry for not remembering the names *peace sign*).




If you ever visit Milan, you definitely have to go to a sushi restaurant. Milan isn’t only about fashion and design, it is also about eating and sushi here in Milan is a MUST.

Hope you guys enjoyed this blog post and know a little more about my big city!

Question of this post: what about your city? Are there any trends in your city? Comment down below!




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