Challenge 9: A New York Best Seller – “Born A Crime” by Trevor Noah

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Anywayyyy, here is a new review of the #26weekreadingchallenge! And this time is all about the New York Best Seller book “Born A Crime” by Trevor Noah.

born a crime

It is an autobiography of the comedian Trevor Noah of The Daily Show. Born to a white Swiss father and a black Xhosa mother during apartheid was punishable by five years in prison. Living proof of his parents’ indiscretion, Trevor was kept mostly indoors for the earliest years of his life, bound by the extreme and often absurd measures his mother took to hide him from a government that could, at any moment, steal him away. Finally liberated by the end of South Africa’s tyrannical white rule, Trevor and his mother set forth on a grand adventure, living openly and freely and embracing the opportunities won by a centuries-long struggle.

Born a Crime is the story of a mischievous young boy who grows into a restless young man as he struggles to find himself in a world where he was never supposed to exist. It is also the story of that young man’s relationship with his fearless, rebellious, and fervently religious mother, his teammate, a woman determined to save her son from the cycle of poverty, violence, and abuse that would ultimately threaten her own life.

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★★★★ stars!

This book covers a lot of issues like colonialism, apartheid, being an outsider, religion, gender roles, education and so much more. And because of that, I learned things like such as how police refused to file charges of domestic violence against the husband because they sympathized him.

Even though this book is full of serious and, sometimes, horrifying issues, it was a warm and funny book.

Every chapter is a different essay, each speaking a certain theme and not in chronological order, but this actually makes the book easy to read and follow along. The best chapter for me is the last one. I almost cried out reading it.

Definitely one of the best memoirs I’ve ever read.

The best quote from the book, in my opinion, is:

I was blessed with another trait I inherited from my mother, her ability to forget the pain in life. I remember the thing that caused the trauma, but I don’t hold onto the trauma. I never let the memory of something painful prevent me from trying something new. If you think too much about the ass kicking your mom gave you or the ass kicking that life gave you, you’ll stop pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules. It’s better to take it, spend some time crying, then wake up the next day and move on. You’ll have a few bruises and they’ll remind you of what happened and that’s ok. But after a while, the bruises fade and they fade for a reason. Because now, it’s time to get up to some shit again.



Yes! I love Trevor Noah and as soon as I saw his book, I just wanted to buy it and read!

I was really surprised because I never thought of what happened between the apartheid and after Nelson Mandela. I always thought of the apartheid being something so far, written in the history books and nothing close to my reality. It was such an eye-opener! As J said, the book talks about a lot of serious topics, but still makes you smile.

We tell people to follow their dreams, but you can only dream of what you can imagine, and, depending on where you come from, your imagination can be quite limited.

That’s the review of the book guys! And now we are ready to begin another challenge and this time we chose “Little Women” by Louisa May Alcott for “a book from your childhood” challenge.



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