Bullet journal

Bullet journal


By the time I heard about the bullet journal, I thought it wasn’t a new idea. I already had one when I was in University but never kept doing it.

Now that I’m living alone and adulting is really a time-consuming task, I needed a way to keep myself organized in the different sections of my life.

I tried to keep an agenda, but it was boring. I also tried to keep a notebook to write new ideas and general to-do list but the problem was that it wasn’t really organized and I eventually hoped to be lucky and find what I was looking for.

So, I tried again to use the bullet journal, but this time before diving in, I checked how the other people were utilizing it.

In my opinion, the main points of the bullet journal are:

  • INDEX: this was really revolutionary. The index was solving my problem of losing notes and ideas I wrote around the journal and made my life easier;
  • YEAR AT A GLANCE: On normal agendas, this is a simple calendar located at the first pages where you can just really look at the whole year, but on the bullet journal you can create the calendar and space to write all of the birthdays or important events during the year;
  • COLLECTIONS: I do have just two collections on my bullet journal. One is a page dedicated to all of the books I read during the year and the other one is a collection of ideas for my blog;
  • MONTHLY AND WEEKLY SPREADS: yes, I do both because I want to see the big picture of the month so I do not overload my month and also I don’t like to prepare the weekly spreads straight away at the start of the month as I am preparing them on my days off as it relaxes me a lot.


This system is used by so many people in the world and there are so many ideas on how you can organise or decorate your journal. It took me almost six months to understand what was really important for me to keep in the journal and how I wanted it to look like.

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