Camden Town

Camden Town

Hello there!

Hope you are all well and enjoyed this week!

What are you planning for the weekend? oh! I have a suggestion if you are in London!

Camden Town!


This place is a must visit in London and I am sure you heard a lot about it!

One of the first things I prefer to do there is to have a coffee in Starbucks because they have beautiful seats on the rooftop, where you can enjoy the sun and the view!


Camden is a really nice place where to find amazing food for a really cheap price!

They have a total of 34 food stalls every day of the week!

So to try everything you should go back at least 34 times or take at least 34 friends and each of you can order in different stalls!

Maybe I can do it next time!


(Our new motto!)

Well, moving on from food. Camden is also a great place where to find really unique gifts or souvenirs, from personalized hand painted t-shirts and shoes to home decor and vintage clothing and accessories! But personally, I would spend all of my money just in this beautiful stall!


How beautiful! and they are all still working and they are not expensive at all!

The Market is really big and if it is your first time visiting you will need to take your time and enjoy it as much as you can!

Have you ever been to Camden? If yes, please let us know what are your favorite stalls!

See you at the next one!





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