Achieving goals 2: solo traveling!

Achieving goals 2: solo traveling!

The secret dream of most of the people is to leave everything and travel the world.

Have as many new starts as possible, learn from experience and live new adventures every day.


I am one of these dreamers.


If you surf on the internet you will find so many travel bloggers that will tell you to literally, leave and travel. They will convince you this is the only way to travel.

I think there’s really not a wrong way to travel. If you can’t just leave all of your responsibilities to travel the world, then I will suggest you solo travel.


Solo travel is one of the most life changing discovery I’ve ever made and I can’t wait to do it again and again.


Here are some lessons I learned on my first solo holiday.


The first thing you will notice in Solo traveling is that your journey starts from the very first moment you will think of it and you will have goosebumps as soon as you begin taking all of the decisions. You need to listen to what you really want, do you want to stay in a hostel or in a hotel? And where? What type of solo travel would you like? Adventurous or relaxing? For how long do you want to leave? Pre book or spontaneous? When you will answer to all of these questions, you will always be surprised about the results.


When the time comes and you tell the people about your solo trip, most of them will have a strange reaction. They will ask you why? And if everything is okay with you. They will tell you it’s really sad. Some people will even tell you that if you reached this point, then you will need to break up with your boyfriend, change job and leave the city. People are scared to be alone, but I think being happy and enjoy your own company is one of the feelings in the whole world.


To take this journey you need to be brave and you will learn that you will never be alone unless you want it.

You will learn how to communicate with people and adapt to different scenarios. You will meet locals and other travelers. They will tell you the best places where to go, maybe you will go and explore together and you will have a collection of new experiences with your new friend. Meeting new people on your trip will push you to do whatever you always wanted to do, without the fear of being judged.


Solo travel is a good addictive habit that will teach things you’ve never known you were capable to do.



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