Achieving goals 1: read more!

Achieving goals 1: read more!

It was November and as cheesy as this may sound, this was the moment to start to think about your new year’s resolutions.

My only new year’s resolution was just to be a better me and to be a little bit more selfish, this included to improve in English and always learn new things.

The faster and easier way to do this was to read books.

My first attempt I ended up with an EPIC FAIL!

I always loved history and all the complicated relationships between the different States, so I decided for a historical book, not a historical fiction, but I went for a non-fiction history book about one of the battles during the first world war. After 10 pages, I just left the book and never read it again.

Here is why: the language used by the author was too difficult and professional for someone who wasn’t a historian and I am clearly not.

After few weeks I came up with my PLAN B!



I googled “best books” and this is how I discovered Booktube! I watched every video from the start til the last video posted of the most influential booktuber and took notes of the books they loved, books they were planning to read and how were their reading routines, checked their Instagram accounts and start to read the same books they were reading according to Goodreads. Then to my great surprise, I discovered I was surrounded from bookworms also at work and our breaks we were reading and suggesting books to one another.



Twenty-four. This is what I thought was the maximum I could do for the next twelve months, since the year before I read just a total of one book and few short articles on the internet.

I didn’t focus too much on the genre, I just gave myself a number of books to read, a deadline (one year) and I restricted myself to read just books in English.


After nine months, I’m proud and happy surprise to say: “ I made it!” I officially finished my twenty-fourth book last Saturday!!! I still can’t believe it. It may look like a small achievement, but for me, it had a really good impact on my life.

I’m not talking about all the same things that everyone says, like the fact that your vocabulary will expand (totally true), but about my everyday life and how I’m handling stress.

Start reading, made me realize that it is my choice to be happy and to be happy I didn’t need money. I left my previous job and looked for another one.

I unexpectedly accepted a job that gave me a lower salary than any other offer I had, just because I felt welcomed and free to be myself.

I use books to relax and take care of myself. Reading became my favorite part of the day.

After a really tiring and stressful day at work, before sleeping I’m having a bath with a mask, my coffee, and my book. Everything is calm and for a moment I feel immersed in a new adventure and totally forgot that few minutes before I just wanted to take the plane and escape from my everyday life. Obviously, holidays at the beach are uncomparable, but as an immediate solution, this is just perfect!

My everyday life changed a lot. Even things that almost looked impossible, became possible. I am working in hospitality, a business that doesn’t really gives you a healthy routine, but I managed to have a routine. I was always too tired to wake up and exercise, or clean or cook or whatever your everyday life requires you to do to survive. My routine was just: wake up, get prepared and go to work. Now, I have time to do everything and even more! My brain is more active, focus and got better in problem-solving.

I became creative, as you can see now I’m taking care of my own blog and I organize my days on a bullet journal.

And keep in mind, I didn’t read just self-help books,  but also romantic, young adult fictions, fantasy and thriller. Every book is a source of knowledge.



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