8 Things I want to stop

8 Things I want to stop

Good Monday morning everyone! Hope you all had an amazing sunny weekend and that you are all ready for a new week to start, because we are ready to kick this week with this post!

As you may understand from the title, here are some things I would like to stop in 2019. Let’s start!

  • Pleasing everyone

This is a big one for me! Unfortunately most of the times I find myself in situations where I wouldn’t like to be just to please people. I always find it difficult to say no or to say to the people how I really feel about things, but I realised how this is going to affect my goals. If I say yes to someone, I am saying no to my things. This is obviously not going to mean that I am going to say no to everyone and everything, I just need to learn to prioritise myself and my goals.

  • Stop making excuses

Most of the times I am setting goals and then I see the fist obstacles, and that’s the moment I start making excuses! This can be also because I am lazy or because I am scared of things.

  • Stop focusing on just today

This always happens to me, I always think about today and never about tomorrow or better the future. Most of the times this applies to how I spend money. Fortunately, I started budgeting and it is really helpful to have a financial goal.

  • Stop comparing

Yes this is a really important one. I want to stop comparing myself to other people. Now, with Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest it is so easy to find yourself comparing with other people. For a lot of people it is difficult to understand what are their dreams or what’s nice, but if you focus on yourself you will understand that what you keep seeing in social medias it’s maybe not what you have to like.

  • Stop procrastinating

I am maybe the mother of procrastination! Fortunately, I have been working on this for months now and having a planner helped me a lot.

  • Gossiping

This is maybe one of the worse things you can do to another human being. Unfortunately, we all do it and I think it is important for all of us to just enjoy each others company.

  • Wasting time

I love doing this. Especially on weekends! I love just being home and literally spend the whole day on the couch or in bed watching Friends and do nothing other than that! The problem is, waking up on Monday morning with nothing ready and a messy house. That is for sure not a good start for my week! We all need to relax and relaxing is not wasting time, but doing it regularly, well that’s wasting time!

  • Making promises

Most of the times, when we make promises we can’t keep them. What I think we should do is just to take everything we say extremely seriously and make sure we will be there for doing what we said we were going to do.

That’s all for today! What would you like to stop this year? All I can say is that, you will do it! I am sure of it, all you need is to keep reminding yourself what you want in life!

See you on our next post! Have an amazing day and remember to do all the things you love doing!



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