5 ways how we are going to rock our summer bucket list!

5 ways how we are going to rock our summer bucket list!

Good afternoon everyone!

First of all, hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

June has finally started and this means only that the summer season is coming and we can’t be happier than now!

In honor of this joyful season,  here is our Bucket List Summer:

  • A Road trip

(Comment down below if you what this scene of a movie is from!) This is one of my all-time favorite theme in all the movies or books. So, finally this year I can say that I will be on a European Road trip, at least a sort of.

We will depart from London and drive all the way to the Czech Republic to have a family reunion. Unfortunately, we will not have long stops on the way there, as we are going to pick up my family from the airport. But, hopefully, we can stop in some of the European cities on the way back to London. And If that is not possible on this occasion, well, we will have another one on the way to Italy in September.

  • Weekends in the countryside

Another of the special goals we have this year was to explore more the outside of the big city and enjoy the nature. We are planning to visit Cotswolds and the Lake District. Please let me know if you have more suggestions!

  • BBQ Parties

Have as many BBQ parties as possible! During the summer season, when we were little, almost every weekend, we went to Idroscalo, which is a lake, with our family and friends and have a BBQ party altogether. And we are sure that this year is no exception!

  • Explore new places and meet new people

As you read before, this summer we are going to the Czech Republic and, even if it’s not our first time in the country, we are gonna explore a different city this time. It is a chance to do finally what we love the most.

Since the city we will be going is a small one, we hope the meet local people and have the best time!

  • Enjoy the sun as much as we can

Last, but not least! We don’t have this amazing weather the whole year, so we need to get the most of it as much as we can! And hopefully, have a tan at the end of the season and prepare ourselves for the cold weather again.

And that is it! This is how we are going to rock this summer!

How about you? What are you going to do this summer? Have you planned anything? Let us know in the comment section down below and don’t forget to follow our page for new posts every Wednesdays and Saturdays! See you in the next!




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