Hi there!

Summer is at the door and we can’t wait to spend our days in the beach, reading a book, and eat gelato.

While we are at spring, why not spend a day having a picnic at a park with the people you love?

Weeks ago, I discovered a park near my city and fell in love with the place. So, one Sunday I went with my relatives and had really one of the best weekends.

The Besozza Park/Wood is large 50 hectares and it is perfect to have a bbq party or take a bike ride around the park.


There is also a lake inside the park and it is so relaxing to sit on a bench and enjoy the view.


Remember to grab your essentials! My essentials, of course, were potato chips and cards to play with your friends.


Oh and yes! I almost forgot that it is spring so if you have THE allergy, bring some tissues and take some medicine before you leave the house!

Time spent with family is worth every second! It is really important for us.

I think that’s all of it! Hope you have an amazing week ahead of you and don’t forget to follow our page for more posts every Wednesdays and Saturdays!


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