Helloooooooo people!

Yup! Here we are again reporting another beautiful experience in Amsterdam! LAST ONE!

This time it is a little bit different because it is not a real bookshop, but a book market!

If you want to ask me how we got there..ย well, don’t ask! We just got casually lost in Amsterdam and saw this beautiful book market. All I can say is that it is located in Spui, if this makes sense?!

The book market is open just on Fridays (so you can create a nice pile of books for the weekend!) and you can actually find a looooootย of things…


When we arrived was just 10 am and unfortunately, not all of the stalls were ready and the weather was not ideal for the books, but the few things we saw were amazing!

All of the stalls are organized and specialized in something specific, like old maps, psychology books, Asian history and a lot a lot of rare and antique books!





Something that really surprised me was that also in here it was extremely easy to find foreigner books and not just Dutch.


We’ve been told the market is extending during summer, so we can’t wait for our next visit and maybe get lost again and get lucky!

We found the Netherlands a really interesting bookish destination, what about you? which other bookish destination would you recommend? Pleeeease let us know! We want to travel and find new books to adopt!!!


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