Hey everyone!

Are you looking for a quick way out from the grey busy city?

Here is the solution! The Kew Gardens! And if you pre-bookย it, you can even have a nice discount!

We, unfortunately, went to visit the garden on a heavy rainy day, but this didn’t make it a bad experience at all! It was still worth it!

I personally know nothing about plants and trees, but this place made everything so interesting.

If you never heard about Kew gardens, this is one of the largest and diverse botanical gardens in the whole world. And if you want an advice, don’t do like me!

Well, I spent two hours in the Palm House and just had a quick visit to the “Princess of Wales Conservatory”. Take your time when you go there!

Oooooh well! We all learn!

As I said before, I spent most of the time in Palm House, because… Who doesn’t need to see palm trees during a rainy day?



As we were approaching the Palm House, we noticed we were welcomed by ten mythical beasts and its history, they are known as the Queen’s beasts. This is actually something I didn’t expect to see and I loved it!


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As you enter in the Palm house, you feel like you are on holidays immediately!



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Did you know there are a lot of types of palm trees? Because I didn’t!

Not only the palms and the plants were beautiful, but also how the architecture made everything even more charming!

It was so interesting to read some interesting things about these amazing trees and see their flowers.



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I think that’s it! All I have to say is that I will definitely come back and visit more of the Kew Garden and I absolutely recommend it to anyone who visits London.

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