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As everyone knows, Italy is famous for the fashion. food and most importantly for the art that surrounds all the beautiful landscapes. Cities like Florence, Rome, and Venice are just some of the cities that Italy is proud of, and Milan is not an exception.

In this blog post, we talk about one of the things you can do for free in Milan: take a walk in the city center, but mostly in the Castello Sforzesco.



These photos were taken this previous summer and, as you can see, the fountain that is situated just before the entrance was covered in ice in occasion of the premiere season 7 of Game of Thrones.

Yesterday was a sunny day and in Milan you can already feel the spring. So, I took a chance to take a walk with my friend in the Castello Sforzesco. The castle was built by the Duke of Milan and was one of the largest citadels in Europe. Now, it is house to several art collections and museums.


Tha main gate leads to a large rectangular court.




Then, as you go on, there is another gate that leads to a smaller rectangular court. There, you can find a small bar where you can drink an espresso like Italians do.


Or you can take photos with this beautiful surrounding.




Exiting the castle from the back, you will find yourself in the park. This park is called Parco Sempione. It is, indeed, my favorite part of the whole walk. And you will see from the photos down below why.



You can see the “Arco Della Pace” from there!!! Doesn’t it look like a painting, does it?! So beautiful, so peaceful and so picturesque!

The fun part is that you can have a picnic, relax, sunbathe even if it is not summer yet and enjoy the view. If you ever visit Milan, this I’ll absolutely recommend it to you! Especially now, that the trees are in full bloom.


As you go down, there is also a small lake full of fishes and ducks.




I already said it but I think that this walk around the Castello Sforzesco is a must. I know that the photos don’t do no justice but, in real life, it is really another world and you’ll not regret it!

Question of the post: Where are you from? Do you have any favorite place in your city? Tell us more in the comment section down below and remember…

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