Hello there readers!

I think you know by now that both in Italy and in the UK is freezing right now.

And what better moment to start the month of March with a new monthly and weekly spread, other than now??

Sooooo, without any further due let’s see what we did with our bullet journals.

First, the monthly spread! We chose a simple layout but a really effective one. It’s not always about the aesthetics but also about the efficiency. Last month we did a really beautiful monthly spread but, as we were adding plans and activities day by day in our calendar, we noticed that that type of layout was really looking a mess. You can take a look at it clickingΒ here. Here it is for this month!


By doing this layout this month, we have enough space to write appointments and other important things. And it will look, at the end of the month, still really tidy.

Secondly and lastly for this month, the weekly planner!


This month, as I am full of interviews and other meetings I decided to create hour slots so I exactly know what I supposed to do to and where.

And that’s it! We know we didn’t do anything other than the monthly and the weekly spread but, sometimes, you gotta keep things simple!

How about you? How do you plan your appointments and other stuff? Do you have an agenda or do you like doing it yourself?

Comment, like and share it with your friends! Thank you


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