Good morning everyone!


Finally! I couldn’t wait anymore!

Okay, maybe this is a little bit of an overreaction, but I’ve been waiting for four months! I’ve been working for four months non stop, for long months, the loooongest four months of my life!

Let’s stop ranting and, let’s start talking about THE ART OF PLANNING HOLIDAYS.

The first and most difficult part of all of this is to decide the destination.

There are so many destinations and every time it takes me so much time to decide where to go, but we love enjoying the most of the current season! I mean, I find the snow beautiful, but a bit weird in summer.

So, as every year during our anniversary, we love to travel somewhere we’ve never been or to revisit the place where we met and this year it was his turn to choose. And he chose Amsterdam! He obviously chose it because he loves riding bikes! (HAHAHA!)

Once the destination is planned, everyone is wondering what to book first, the stay or the flight?

Well, in my opinion, the stay should be the first one as for the flights you always have cheap options. If you book months in advance you will probably find really nice and interesting places where to stay, like the boathouse or three houses.

I find it really hilarious how good I am at giving these pieces of advice and I book a really small hotel room far from the city centre, booked on the last minute! (Great!)


Then the flight. For this there’s not much to say, there are just too many options online on where to book them, but Skyscanner is where I always check first to have the cheapest options.

Now, my favourite part of the planning part, which is actually not planning!

Yes, I don’t like to plan every day of my holidays. Holidays are made to relax and enjoy the days without worrying too much!

The only sort of planning I do for all of my travels is, just to look for really interesting places to visit and all of the musts in that place and obviously watching “Bizarre food with Andrew Zimmern”.

I know it’s weird, but the food is the best thing on the planet!


Well, hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you will also start your spontaneous holidays without stressing too much about planning! And let us know your top destinations!

See you soon with an update on my holidays!


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