Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

We are not the greatest Valentine’s day fans, we actually are The Grinch of Valentine’s day, but here is how we wanted to celebrate with you this day. Testing our parents!

Well yes! Did you ever ask yourself who knows you better? mom or dad?

So here we are. We had fun to think about all of these questions and answers.

  • What is J or S favorite color?
    • a. J: yellow, S: pink;
    • b. J: orange, S: green;
    • c. J: blue, S: red;
  • Who had more boyfriends? (J)
  • If S or J were dictators in a small island nation, what crazy dictator stuff would they do?
    • a. J: no valentine’s day and everyone must show love everyday S: dance every morning our national anthem;
    • b. J: everyone must go around on bikes or other means of transportation that not pollute S: all yellow cars will be banned from the island;
    • c: J: dedicate just two hours on the internet S: just famous people can live on my island;
  • If S or J were given five million dollars, what would they do?
    • a. J: spend it all in Mcdonald’s S: start a project to create Unicorns;
    • b: J: start a bubble tea business S: Travel and explore the world;
    • c. J: spend everything on clothes and makeup S: travel the world and help the people;
  • Where do you think J or S would love to live?
    • a. J: Philippines S: Christmas Island;
    • b. J: USA S: London;
    • c. J: South Korea S: New Zealand;
  • One day, during a test when everyone was silent, I burped and when the teacher asked who was it, I blamed the classmate seating next to me. Who do you think is that? (S)
  • Who is the worse with pets? (J)
  • Where do they spend more money apart from food?
    • a. J: gadget S: Primark;
    • b: J: stationery S: books;
    • c. J: coffee S: travel;
  • If aliens invaded the world, what your daughters will do?
    • a. J and S will show them ‘ET the Extra-Terrestrial’ to let them understand they can be friends;
    • b. J will dress up like them and S will act death until she will find someone else to join;
    • c. J will surrender immediately and S will just panic like no one else in the whole world;
  • Which weird potato chip flavor would J and S would like to try?
    • a. J: Cinnamon bun flavor S: Pepsi flavor chips; 

    •  b. J: Lemon tea flavor S: Kebab flavor; 

    • c. J: cappuccino flavor S: blueberry flavor; 

And the winner of the test is:







5 out of 10 guys! We know they aren’t a lot of right answers considering the total of the questions given is 10. But equally, we appreciate the effort that our mom has given doing this test.

On the other end, our dad answered just 2 correct questions among the 10. But, really, what were we expecting? (At least J thought that surely our mum will win… don’t know about S)

In Italy, there is a say that goes like “la mamma è sempre la mamma”, which in English is translated in “mum is always mum”.

So that’s it readers! Before you go, answer to this question: who knows you better? mom or dad or both? Let us know in the comment below and maybe do a little test to your parents like we did with ours!

See you on the next blog post!



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