Hey everyone!


Today we are going to start a new series of posts… THE BOOKSHOP TOUR!

This idea came out while I was walking around London and found a lot of beautiful bookshops.

London is one of the cities in the world that I think you will never finish discovering something new every day.

Out of curiosity, the other day I was in front of my computer and asking Google: “How many bookshops are in London?” The answer was:

112 independent bookshops!!!

So there was no time for me to waste and I went out looking for the first bookshop, but without looking for a specific one. As you may know, I love getting lost in the city. (sometimes I really get lost and don’t find the way home, but fortunately, technology is here to save you!)

And the first one I visited was: Forbidden Planet.

forbidden planet

The bookshopΒ is in the heart of the city, just 5 minutes from Tottenham Court Road station.


The first thing you see at the entrance is the beautiful collection of fictional figures from Ninja Turtle and Star Wars to Suicide Squad and Game of Thrones. The prices of these are going from Β£1100 to Β£15, the quality and the details are totally worth the money.


As you go deep into the shop, you can find everything! And when I say everything I mean that you can find notebooks, wands, jewelry, and doormats!



Downstairs is another level of paradise, where you can actually find comics, manga, graphic novels, sci-fi and fantasy books!





This is a great place where to find rare comics, special editions, and signed books!



Even if, I am not really into comics and manga, this was a really great and interesting bookshop to visit! and it will actually not be the last time I am going there, as it is also a great place where to find really nice gifts and the staff was just amazing and really helpful.

How about you? Are there any independent bookshops in your town? Tell us about yours in the comment section below.



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