2018 our year!

2018 our year!

Hello everyone!

Hope you had a magical and inspirational week!

Our last post was about our goal-oriented bullet journals, but we actually never shared our goals! (sorry, we are getting old and keep forgetting things!)

2017 was a wonderful year were we achieved almost all of our goals and this was all because we never forgot where we wanted to be at the end of the year.

2018 will not be the same as 2017, but even better!

Let’s start with the serious stuff!

  • Have at least 100 views every month on our blog!

We didn’t have enough time to really talk about what we really wanted to do with the blog until the 1st January when I actually had time to socialize with the world and stop thinking about work.

And as of now, it is only the 13th of January and we reached over 100 views!!!

  • Read a lot of books, at least 26 (reading challenge)

We love reading, but sometimes adulting makes it difficult to find the time and the strength to read (most of the times we just fall asleep with the book on our face, really sexy!).

  • Go on a holiday together

You have probably missed it, but we are sisters and we live far away from each other. We obviously already had holidays together, but with our parents and when we were kids. So this year, we would like to go without them and have fun!

  • Exercise all year

I think this will be the most difficult, as this is one of the goals we failed all our existing years. (losers)

This year we are checking on each other and it is so nice to have some who shares your same goals!

So that’s it!

I know I know… you are surprised! Yes, this is the shortest list we’ve ever made!

But this is it, we didn’t want to overload ourselves with thousands of goals and we really want to focus on these four and the rest… the rest is all a big surprise!

What about you? What are your goals for 2018? And remember…





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