(5 weeks on New York young adult bestseller 2017)


Five teenagers go to detention, but just four of them will walk out.

Simon, who dies in detention because of a severe allergy reaction, was the creator of a gossip app. Turns out everyone in that detention room is a perfect murder suspect because Simon had secrets to publish about everyone in that room.



The characters in this book, if it wasn’t because of their experience in detention, they would never talk or be friends. They are all teen-movie stereotypes:

Bronwyn: the brainy and she always does the right thing

Addy: the beauty queen and very popular at school

Nate: the bad boy and with a problematic family

Cooper: the perfect guy and athlete

Simon: the outsider


My opinion:

I really loved that the story was written straight from the main character’s point of view. This made it easy to have a connection with all of them because of how much attention the writer puts on their backstories, and see how they learn how to show their real personalities by the end of the book.

However, the negative side of this type of writing is that the connection you have with the characters will make you understand that the murderer is not one of them.

The development of the book will make you think about different theories and change it every ten pages, but you will never see it coming completely.

Overall, I give this 7/10 stars!!


What do you think about this book? And also please in the comments which one of the challenges would you like us to see and which books would you recommend us to read!



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