This blog was for far too long on my bucket list and when I started again, wanting to make it real and post at least once a week I was so excited.

The excitement was so much that my ideas were all over the place, there was no sense and no organization. My plans on the blog were too difficult to realize and even if I could spend all of my free time on it, everything was just really messy. My professional ability in procrastinating and being a perfectionist on everything led me to the result of not posting for a whole month.

I soon realized I needed a partner to work with if I really wanted this blog to work, I needed someone to motivate me, someone to trust and someone who can complete me.


Trust is the most important thing I was looking for in a partner, I wanted someone that stuck to the plan agreed in advance and someone who, in case you canโ€™t make it, can cover you. And most of all, someone that can kick my butt whenever laziness strikes me.

I needed someone who can be strong where I am weak.

Pictures were the main reasons of my delayed pictures, being alone and couldnโ€™t ask for help to strangers made me more than sure that my partner was more than qualified as she is a great photographer and also a great content creator.


The last but not the least important thing in partnership is communication, which makes your relationship and your work as smooth as possible, but my partner and I donโ€™t have this problem since we spend whole days on video calls and hours on the phone.


The reality is that I couldnโ€™t imagine anyone else, but just her for this project, my childhood enemy, and my partner in crime in adulthood, my sister.


From the first โ€œmeetingโ€ we had, I had the feeling she made everything easier and made the blog how Iโ€™ve always imagined it.

Hope you will also enjoy this special partnership we have.




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