“The most beautiful things in life are the unexpected ones”, this is a quote I truly believe in, and the proof is us.

It never mattered when we are going to meet and how far we are. We’ve simply been enjoying each others company, daydreaming and inspiring one another.

We spent five years growing up together in a classroom and after that, we always found an excuse to meet. Now, it’s almost four years that we are apart but always close in our minds and hearts. This friendship passed the tests of time and distance.

Yes, I said friendship a relationship that it’s stronger and much needed than any other.

We really don’t know how this happened, how we can still find things to talk and laugh about despite the distance and all of the difficulties.

Sometimes, keeping in touch it’s difficult especially when you are far away, you get busy with life and have different routines and friends. Other times, you would like to write her or him, but you don’t know what to say because it feels like you don’t have anything in common anymore. Distance can be really overwhelming, but it’s just a matter of time to get used to it. You will understand that the basis of your friendship is too strong to be destroyed just from the distance.

For sure, we are being creative in our communication, there’s never the same “Good morning” or “ Good night” that became a meaningless part of the routine. We always find new topics to talk about, small or big we really don’t care. These make us feel special because we don’t need to talk just about important events, but sharing funny pictures or laugh about something makes us feel part of each other’s everyday lives. When it comes to talking about our problems or taking important decisions we try to keep it light and think positive, but it is easier to talk with your long distance friend as she or he has an outside prospective.

These are maybe some of the points that made our relationship work out or maybe it’s just us, we just don’t like to give up. Thank you because you are teaching me all of the facets of friendship and sisterhood because being your friend inspires me to be a better person.

Can’t wait to hug you again!

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