Hey there!
You can call me Shine and as you know I’m an international homeless.

Not the classic kind of homeless, I do live under a roof. I just didn’t find a place in the world that I can call home.

Here is my brief story.

Did you ever wake up fed up with your life so much that you just wanted to do something crazy?

Well, that’s what I did and before I could even imagine, I already had a flight ticket in my hands. It happened so quickly that I didn’t even have time to save some money to live.

I left my loved ones with the hope that I will come back and I didn’t.

The reality is that, freedom and adventure are really addictive.

In two years, I moved four times in different countries, until the day I got my very first regular job (not seasonal). 

My everyday life kept me so busy that I forgot about myself and the reasons why I left.

This blog is a way to remind myself that I do have dreams that need to come true and this is where I will keep track of my journey.

Please, feel free to follow me and ask me as many questions as you want. I will post every Wednesday, hoping you will join me in this exciting adventure.


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