The idea to public a sort of diary came out just this last weekend when I was in Prague. I was walking in the city when a shop clerk stopped me and we had an interesting conversation.

Boy: where are you from?
Me: from Italy but my parents are from Philippines
Boy: and what are you doing in Prague?
Me: I’m a tourist, it’s my first time in Prague
Boy: where do you live?
Me: where? In Czech Republic or in Italy?
Boy: what?? Do you live in Czech Republic?!
Me: yes, in the border with Poland
Boy: what are you doing there?
Me: working and preparing my last exams in university
Boy: I see, so where do you study?
Me: in Milan, italy
Boy: what?! How is it possible?
Me: well, I met some people when I was working in Calabria….
Boy: so you’re from Italy, but filippina.. you are studying in Milan, but you came in Czech Republic directly from Calabria to work here?!
Me: that’s right!

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