10 must-haves for the weekend!

10 must-haves for the weekend!

Welcome back to a new post!

Since we are lacking in our “lifestyle” section, we thought to do a list of 10 things that we absolutely have to do on our weekend.

A week is long and the weekend is only just two days, so we try to do our best to relax and treat ourselves.

Here is our 10 must-haves for the weekend:

  1. Before doing something, just play some music! It will only put you in a good mood! We are currently in love with the app Spotify. It offers you so many playlists and our favorite is “#throwbackthursday” because who doesn’t like some good old song?!
  2. Since it’s already spring, why don’t do some spring cleaning? Organize your closet and give away to charity some of our clothes that you don’t really wear anymore. Or, simply, clean the whole house if during the week you don’t have the time.
  3. Grocery shopping and meal planning. Less time and money consuming, we assure that! Do a list of all the thing you will need for the following week and you’re done and don’t have to go back to the supermarket because you forgot something.
  4. The most important of all the 10 must-haves in this list is to hang out with the family or partner in life. We value family a lot and it is important for us to spend time with our loved ones. Go for a walk in the city center or just stay at home and watch a movie. (Click here for the post about my walk in the city center of Milan)20180326_155959.jpg
  5. Dedicate some time to your hobby. For example, we love to read some book but sometimes, when we’re not feeling it, another hobby is to bake and learn new recipes.
  6. Bullet journaling! Do a weekly spread and write all you have to do for the following week. It will keep you organized and so motivated to see all the things you did during the week! This was our weekly spread the past week (check our blog post on how we are planning April on our bullet journals here).weekly april
  7. Do a face mask. Because you are wearing make-up the whole week, the weekend is the perfect time to treat your skin and do some face mask.
  8. Take a loooooong bath. Nothing else.
  9. And, also, paint your nails.
  10. The last but not the least, RELAX!!! It’s the weekend!

Here it is! It seems a long list but, truly, it is not. And besides, if you love doing this thing, time doesn’t really matter.

And you? What do you do on your weekend? What do you do to prepare yourself for a new week ahead?

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